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Date: 11th May 2016
Waterproof Plastic Bag
Most waterproof plastic bag for the packaging of meat products and tea and vacuum,Website:http://www.chunhuiplastic.com, so give people caused many misunderstandings, waterproof plastic bag must be a vacuum packaging bag, but waterproof bags are not necessarily the vacuum, but also ordinary packing.In the packaging of electronic products or components, many will use waterproof plastic bag. This is used plastic bags waterproof, moisture-proof performance, because the electronic products or components once the water, on the bad, repair can not be repaired, with a layer of waterproof plastic bags to protect the electronic products, is a very suitable choice, but it does not have to be made from vacuum bags, ordinary package.No matter what kind of products, plastic bags, as long as the use of performance on the line, there is no need to have high requirements.