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Date: 11th May 2016
Transparent Plastic Bag
In our country,Website:http://www.chunhuiplastic.com, transparent plastic bag is used for the food industry, many families will buy transparent food grade plastic bags used to contain food, to be put into a refrigerator, a seal and prevent the odor.?According to industry insiders, the current market of transparent plastic bags can be divided into three kinds of materials, respectively, PP bags, high density plastic bags and low density plastic bags (common vest bag). So what are the differences between these three different plastic bags??In a transparent plastic bag, PP plastic bag (that is often said of polypropylene) is the most common plastic bags. The nature of this plastic bag is resistant to high temperature, but it is not resistant to low temperature. PP plastic bags can not be deformed when they are in contact with the food with high temperature. The so-called high-density transparent plastic bags, is made of high-density polyethylene, this plastic bag not only can be resistant to high temperature, low temperature resistance. Its high temperature resistance than the PP plastic bag, but it can be placed directly into the refrigerator, do not have to worry about breaking. The low density and transparent plastic bags are made of low density polyethylene, common vest bag, this kind of bag can not be resistant to high temperature, but also not resistant to low temperature, can only be used at room temperature.?