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Date: 11th May 2016
Supermarket Plastic Bags
Supermarket plastic bag is a few silk? Supermarket plastic bag is what material? General supermarket shopping bags are thick,Website:http://www.chunhuiplastic.com, a few silk? Supermarket plastic bags cost is generally one of the cost of how much money? There are a lot of people care about these issues, today I will explain the plastic bag factory.Silk is a unit of length, equal to one thousandth cm, plastic bag factory used to measure the thickness of plastic bags, micrometer measuring tools, measuring thickness gauge.Plastic bag before the implementation of the supermarket plastic bags are not uniform standards, but the vast majority of plastic shopping bags will not reach the thickness of 0.025mm (plastic film), known as ultra-thin plastic bags, low repetition rate.Limit plastic and June 1 is the implementation of the standard plastic shopping bags are the provisions of the supermarket plastic bags (mainly refers to the "plastic shopping bags") of the minimum thickness: single-layer plastic film thickness shall not be less than 0.025mm, plastic bag factory in general 5 wire on the thickness to be considered standard. Here we need to pay attention to, the 5 wire is the lower limit of thickness, not the standard thickness.Supermarket plastic bags with PE production and processing of raw materials into, supermarket plastic shopping bag material of HDPE is plastic bag factory said low-pressure membrane plastic bag; part of bulk food bags and plastic film material is LDPE is often said that the plastic bag factory high-pressure membrane plastic bags.