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Date: 10th May 2016
High Pressure Bag
Rizhao City Chunhui plastic products Co., Ltd. is the production of high-pressure bag has the advantages:1,Website:http://www.chunhuiplastic.com, strong, most plastic lightweight, chemical stability, no corrosion resistance impact of good, high pressure bag has good transparency and wear consumption of strength and toughness.?2, the processing cost is low, the general shaping, coloring is good. Handle plastic bags.?3, exquisite, not just the bag, its exquisite appearance and attractive. High pressure bag, can be printed on your company logo, advertising.?4, high pressure bag uses a wide range can be used for clothing, gifts, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools filial piety exhibition, company, store, studio advertising etc., Rizhao City Chunhui plastic products Co., Ltd. can according to what you need size pattern printing and custom.