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Date: 10th May 2016
Garbage Bag For Hotel
Hotel special garbage bags on the advantages: First: flat sealing,Website:http://www.chunhuiplastic.com, is not easy to break. The second: plus dimple thickened, more durable third: flat sealing, no leakage of the fourth: than the average length and width equal to the round bottom sealing garbage bag capacity amplified in approximately 10% of the fifth: Design of the flat seal, with constant temperature to ensure the bonding points close together completely and evenly heated, the bag body water and dysenteric. Sixth: flat sealing can improve hotel special garbage bags at the bottom of the stretched, more resistant to collision is not easy to break larger capacity, more affordable seventh: insist on the use of high strength of pure PE new material, the thickness of 20%, more flexible and durable prevent leaking.